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Bundle Transformer 1.9.92

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Released: Mar 8, 2016
Updated: Mar 8, 2016 by Taritsyn
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Release Notes

Version: 1.9.92
Published: 3/8/2016

  1. From BundleTransformer.Core removed obsolete classes;
  2. In BundleTransformer.ConfigurationIntelliSense updated definitions for configuration settings of LESS-translator, TypeScript-translator, Autoprefixer-postprocessor and Uglify JS-minifier;
  3. In BundleTransformer.Less:
    1. Added support of LESS version 2.6.1;
    2. No longer made preprocessing of `@import` directives and `data-uri` functions;
    3. Interpolation in file paths is now supported;
    4. In configuration settings of LESS-translator was added one new property - `Severity` (default `0`);
  4. In BundleTransformer.SassAndScss:
    1. Added support of libSass version 3.3.3;
    2. Fixed a bug “Sass compilation sometimes fails with native exception in 32 bit mode”;
    3. Fixed a bug, that occurred when processing relative paths, which are located at higher level, than the current directory;
  5. In BundleTransformer.TypeScript:
    1. Added support of TypeScript version 1.8.7;
    2. No longer made preprocessing of `reference` comments;
    3. In configuration settings of TypeScript-translator was added 5 new properties: `AllowUnreachableCode` (default `false`), `AllowUnusedLabels` (default `false`), `ForceConsistentCasingInFileNames` (default `false`), `NoFallthroughCasesInSwitch` (default `false`) and `NoImplicitReturns` (default `false`);
  6. In BundleTransformer.Autoprefixer:
    1. Added support of Autoprefixer version;
    2. No longer made preprocessing of country conditional expressions;
    3. In configuration settings of Autoprefixer-postprocessor was added 4 new properties: `Supports` (default `true`), `Flexbox` (default `true`), `Grid` (default `true`) and `Stats` (default `empty string`);
  7. In BundleTransformer.UglifyJs:
    1. Added support of UglifyJS version 2.6.2;
    2. In compression settings was added one new property - `CollapseVars` (default `false`);
  8. In BundleTransformer.Csso added support of CSSO version 1.6.4;
  9. In BundleTransformer.CleanCss added support of Clean-css version 3.4.10.

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