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Bundle Transformer - a modular extension for System.Web.Optimization (also known as the Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework). Classes CssTransformer and JsTransformer, included in the core of Bundle Transformer, implement interface IBundleTransform. They are intended to replace the standard classes CssMinify and JsMinify.

The main differences classes CssTransformer and JsTransformer from standard implementations: ability to exclude unnecessary assets when adding assets from a directory, does not produce the re-minification of code of pre-minified assets, support automatic transformation of relative paths to absolute in CSS-code (for CssTransformer), etc. These classes do not produce the minification of code in runtime, but this feature can be added by installing of minifier-adapter (now available adapters based on Microsoft Ajax Minifier, YUI Compressor for .NET, Google Closure Compiler, Douglas Crockford's JSMin, Dean Edwards' Packer, Mihai Bazon's UglifyJS, Sergey Kryzhanovsky's CSSO (CSS Optimizer), WebGrease and Clean-css). In addition, you can also install translator-adapters that implement the translation of code on intermediate languages (LESS, Sass, SCSS, CoffeeScript and TypeScript).

This extension will help your web applications successfully pass a most part of the tests in YSlow.

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Bundle Transformer was created and is maintained by Andrey Taritsyn.

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